Painting…Day 6

Yep, pooches, it is a day of painting again.  My manservant, determined not to miss another walk/run, headed out of our den in the dark to go to his walk/run park so he could get back early to resume his painting project.

It was late morning when he rushed downstairs and changed from his painting costume to his yoga costume and headed to yoga class.  As soon as he returned he headed back upstairs to resume painting, promising that we would have a late excursion today.

He finally announced that he was finished for the day and tomorrow would bring a completion to the first painting project.  To celebrate, my manservant headed to the market and returned with fried chicken wings (woo hoo!) and we all partied out on our picnic bench.

An excursion to my school park was next on our agenda.  It was quite a routine stroll along the shoreline with the exception of spotting someone’s servant swimming across my Rez!

See you tomorrow on Silent Saturday, pooches!


It's fried chicken wing Friday!

It’s fried chicken wing Friday!

Look!  There's someone's servant swimming in my Rez!!

Look! There’s someone’s servant swimming in my Rez!!

How far do you think he is going to swim?

How far do you think he is going to swim?

Buckle us in!

Buckle us in!


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