What a day!

Pooches, Starlight and I heard the good news this morning that our Cousin Maggie was coming this afternoon from the city to spend a few days visiting.  Woo hoo!  My manservant was unable to attend to his walk/run this morning because he said he had to wait for the return of the workers of yesterday.  Starlight and I groaned upon hearing the news that they were returning.  In a surprise move, they returned when they had said they would return!  Fortunately, they were not as nearly as noisy as yesterday and Starlight and I were able to attend to our morning naps in proper fashion.

My manservant is not allowed to perch upon ladders when there are no adults present so he took advantage of their presence and began work upon a ladder above our pergola trying to tame the two winter wisteria plants, which provide the shade on our patio, from overpowering a towering crepe myrtle next to the pergola.  It was a touch and go battle that lasted for two hours as he teetered high in the air with a large pair of pruning shears but he finally separated that two and gave the wisteria a good whacking.  The yard manicuring machine was then retrieved and the remainder of the morning was spent cutting the wee bit of grass that is left in the desert we used to call our back yard.

Excursion time arrived as my manservant completed his outdoor chores and he headed to the kitchen to prepare lunch.  In a rerun from yesterday, clam chowder and a ham and swiss sandwich was my manservant’s choice.  I suggested that perhaps Starlight and I would prefer a bit of leftover fillet of boeuf that was in the icebox.  He accommodated my request and we relocated to our picnic bench to enjoy lunch.

We finally boarded the Hybridmobile which glided us to my pine grove park.  What a fine choice of excursion locations the Hybridmobile made because a brisk cool breeze was blowing onshore which made our excursion stroll quite pleasant.  We soon received a text message that Maggie was on her way and we hurriedly hopped in the Hybridmobile and rushed back to our den.  Maggie soon arrived from the city and Starlight and I have been playing with her for sometime in our newly manicured back yard.  That little pup rarely slows down!   I finally left Maggie in the back yard with Starlight and came inside to post to my blog and catch a little shuteye.


Did you bring us the filet of boeuf?  We're tired of clam chowder.

Did you bring us the filet of boeuf? We’re tired of clam chowder.

What can of noise was that?

What kind of funny noise was that?

Starlight, let's go over to those tall weeds and sniff in that area.

Starlight, let’s go over to those tall weeds and sniff in that area.

Does this dog ever slow down?

Does Maggie ever slow down?

Sunshine, I think she's finally tired.

Sunshine, I think she’s finally tired.





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