Our streak of proper excursion ends at 1.

Pooches, it has been a different schedule for our pack on this Friday!  My manservant decided to forego his walk/run and yoga class this morning and, instead, spend all morning and into early afternoon making seafood gumbo.  Woo hoo!

Much of the time was spent traveling to various markets in surrounding villages and the concrete jungle trying to find the necessary ingredients which were hard to find.  He finally returned and began the arduous job of washing, chopping, and dicing in an effort to have all the ingredients in place before tackling the task of making the roux.  On two occasions additional runs to our village market were required because he had failed to properly note all of the necessary ingredients on his grocery list.

Once the cooking began we all gathered in the kitchen and took turns constantly stirring the roux as it slowly browned.  About an hour lapsed before the chopped items were added and cooked, followed shortly by the various sea creatures and spices.

To make a long story short, pooches, when the gumbo was finally able to cook on its own, my manservant asked permission to skip an excursion today because he was worn out after spending six hours in gumbo preparation.  To encourage an affirmative reply he withdrew a slab of smoked ribs he had obtained in his last trip to our village market!  How could we say no, pooches?  A hasty parade was made to our picnic bench where we enjoyed the fruits of my manservant’s bribery.

We’re looking forward to the arrival of Buttons and Fred this evening for a weekend visit from Elvis town.  The gumbo is nearing the time for taste testing but my manservant says we have to refrain from eating any of it until our guests arrive.  Phooey.

It’s Friday!  Woo hoo!


Get your pre-lunch photo op over with and let's dive in!

Get your pre-lunch photo op over with and let’s dive in!

Woo hoo!!

Woo hoo!!


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