Happy Birthday to moi!

That’s right, pooches!  The ol’ natal day has rolled around for the eighth time now.  Woo hoo!

Because of all the festivities planned for today we decided to forego an excursion.  My manservant started his walk/run while it was still dark.  An early morning annual appointment with his eye vet caused him to travel to the concrete jungle shortly after he finished his exercise regimen.  Pooches, my manservant reported that his peepers are in fine shape but the vet did have to remove a thorn that was stuck in his eye (pooches, who in the world but my manservant would not know that there was a thorn in their eye?).

As soon as my manservant returned from his appointment he headed to the kitchen to start cooking my birthday cake!  Starlight busied herself decorating the dining room for the big celebration.  All these activities took about an hour and, although it was still mid-morning, I declared the birthday party underway!  We gathered about the table and hungrily looked at the cake.  Pooches, my manservant had cooked a one pound ground boeuf cake.  Woo hoo!!

Our bellies are full and even though it isn’t yet noon, Starlight and I are going to get a head start on our afternoon naps.  I’ve instructed my manservant to rouse us in a couple of hours so we can resume our festivities and eat some more cake!


You can't sing 'Happy Birthday' until you light the candles.

You can’t sing ‘Happy Birthday’ until you light the candles.

Woo hoo, pooches!  It's my birthday!

Woo hoo, pooches! It’s my birthday!




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2 Responses to Happy Birthday to moi!

  1. Happiest of Happy Birthdays, Sunshine!!! What a beautiful setup!

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