Convalescent day.

Pooches, no time for an excursion today.  Early this morning Starlight and I arose and began the task of converting our den into a convalescent facility!  It seems poor Cousin Maggie had to undergo the knife yesterday (yes, pooches, THAT surgery).  Her manservant had to travel out-of-town today and we had made arrangements to take over her convalescent care.

My manservant and the Hybridmobile (insisting on being fitted with flashing red lights appropriate to an ambulance) headed to Maggie’s to transport her to our den convalescent facility.  I have decided to name it “Sunshine Acres”.

Maggie’s arrival was met by Starlight and me.  We escorted her into her room where a sickbed had been prepared.  After an hour of snoozing while Starlight stayed by her side patting her paw and occasionally trying (unsuccessfully) to apply a cold compress to her forehead, Maggie decided she was tired of being a patient and we all headed outside to sniff about our back yard.

I must say our new convalescent facility has a fine kitchen.  Lunch was prepared and we all headed out to the picnic bench to enjoy a lunch of artichoke/spinach quiche.  Maggie said she had never had it before and seemed to thoroughly enjoy it.  As soon as it was all consumed my manservant urged us indoors to escape the heat and enjoy a dessert of lemon sorbet!  Pooches, I like running this facility since the kitchen promises a dessert at every meal!!

The oppressive heat limited our times in the backyard this afternoon (we didn’t feel comfortable taking our patient out in the heat) and we mostly napped or played with Maggie.


Starlight checks Maggie to make sure she is holding up outside.
Starlight checks Maggie to make sure she is holding up outside in her weakened condition.
Maggie rests on her sickbed.
Maggie rests on her sickbed.
Oh boy, I've never had quiche before!
Oh boy, I’ve never had Quiche before!
It's time to go inside for our lemon sorbet.
It’s time to go inside for our lemon sorbet.


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