Furniture Friday!

Pooches, what a busy day it has been at our den!

My manservant arose this morning earlier than usual and began perform odd chores that were not a part of his usual routine.  Drawers were opened and emptied.  Paintings were relocated and much activity went on through the morning.

An hour or so before our regular excursion time, two kindly gentlemen in a box lorry pulled up to our den.  Pooches, these kind gentlemen were bringing new furniture for us.  Woo hoo!

It was then that the real activity began.  Downstairs furniture was disassembled carried upstairs and reassembled.  Then the new furniture was brought in.  The kindly gentlemen were assembling the new furniture while my manservant was busy moving furniture to and fro, from the bedroom to the library, from the downstairs to the upstairs.

It is now mid-afternoon and all activity has come to a halt.  Everything is in its proper location and we are sitting on the picnic bench rewarding ourselves with a burger and fries for a job well done.  As soon as we have finished eating, Starlight and I plan to go inside and shower the new furniture with “ooh’s” and “ah’s” while we welcome it to our pack.

See you tomorrow on Silent Saturday, pooches.


There's' nothing liked a good burger after hours of hard work!
There’s’ nothing liked a good burger after hours of hard work!
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