Photo-less excursion!

Pooches, I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend!  Our pack was quite busy during the past four days and are ready to get back to normal activities.

My manservant hit his walk/run park quite early this morning.  When he reappeared at our den he immediately headed to our library to undertake preparation for his academic responsibilities next Saturday.  He emerged in mid-morning  patting himself on the back because, he said, he had made significant progress and was ready for a break by going on litter patrol in the poochhood.

Starlight and I made sure that this wasn’t going to replace our regular excursion before we were willing to accompany him.  Assured that a regular excursion would take place also, we gleefully attached our leashes and headed outside.  Pooches, the early rain showers had disappeared and the sun was shining brightly.  A lively stroll yielded a grocery bag full of litter and a shimmering poochhood.

We resumed our morning naps while my manservant returned to his lesson plans and lecture notes.  Excursion time arrived and I knocked on the door to the library to retrieve my manservant.  He excitedly emerged (patting himself on the back again) from the library and said he deserved a special lunch on our excursion because of all of the progress he was making.

The Hybridmobile was boarded and a jolly ride to obtain lunch ensued.  My manservant has prohibited me from telling you where lunch was obtained or the contents of lunch because his “misguided health professionals would not approve because his dietary plans did not permit such dining.”  We concluded that something that smelled so go had to be good for you and we merrily rolled toward my boundary park to dine and stroll.

Our meal of XXXXXXX was quickly inhaled and, with full bellies, we began our stroll around my park.  Pooches, you’ll find only one picture of our picnic excursion because my manservant “must have accidentally turned that dial” resulting in bizarre images.

Oh well, the fun was in the doing and not in the documenting!

We’re back at our den getting ready to take care of our afternoon naps while my manservant addresses some of his housekeeping responsibilities before returning to the lesson plans and lecture notes later today.


I've think we've picked up all the litter out of the median.
I’ve think we’ve picked up all the litter out of the median.
Inspecting the perimeter of our den upon our return.
Inspecting the perimeter of our den upon our return.
Apparently, even a point/shoot camera is too complicated for my manservant.

Apparently, even a point/shoot camera is too complicated for my manservant because this is just after my manservant “accidentally turned that dial.”


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