Singing in the rain.

Pooches, this weather is driving our pack mad!  It was even more dreary when we awoke this morning than it has been of late.  I scurried to retrieve my tablet to check the weather radar to see if there might be a break in the incessant rain that would allow an excursion.  No such luck.  We resigned ourselves to yet another day of lounging about our den and being bored.  No one was interested in reading today because that is what we have done all week during this spell of nasty weather.   So we napped.

My manservant was the first to crack.  He finally stood up and said rain or no rain, he was going on an excursion!  Starlight and I simultaneously cried, “That’s the spirit!”  We bounded outside and hopped in the very surprised Hybridmobile.  My manservant directed the Hybridmobile to head to my mound park.  Hooray!

The Hybridmobile once again soggily splashed down the lane and out on the carriageway.  We arrived at my mound park and hopped out in a steady rain (after my manservant, the wimp, had put on his rain jacket and hood) and walked high and low through my park.  Our strolled was capped off by a bit of play by Starlight and me in a large puddle of water.

When two very wet pooches returned to our den we dried ourselves and encouraged my manservant to fetch lunch.  A call was placed to my Mardi Gras restaurant and an order was placed for a take away of seafood gumbo and crab claws.  Woo hoo!  My manservant has departed to retrieve said lunch and Starlight and I are anxiously awaiting his return.

Make lemons out of lemonade, I always say, pooches!  See you tomorrow on Silent Saturday.


If we stay on the sidewalk our paws won't get so wet, Sunshine.
Sunshine, if we stay on the sidewalk our paws won’t get so wet.
Sidewalks are for sissies!
Sidewalks are for sissies!
Keep leaning over me like that.  It keeps the rain off.
Keep leaning over me like that. It keeps the rain off.


This would have been ice a week ago!
This would have been ice a week ago


A little water never hurt anybody.
A little water never hurt anybody.
Goodbye mound park.
Goodbye mound park.  We had a good time!
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