Rare Sunday excursion

Pooches, we owe it all to the fine weather.  When my manservant returned late this morning from an obligation in the concrete jungle, he entered the den and said an excursion was a must today because of the fine, spring-like weather!  Starlight and I were thrilled but taken by surprise because excursions rarely happen on a Sunday.  We were ready to hop in the Hybridmobile right away but my manservant said he was first going to prepare a boeuf loaf that could cook while we were on our excursion.  Pooches, boeuf loaf is usually not allowed in our pack but my womanservant left in the wee hours of the morning today to fly to a faraway city to spend a few days.

We watched in the kitchen as the boeuf was mixed with a myriad of items and then finally wrestled by my manservant into a loaf.  As soon as it was placed securely in the firebox we headed to the Hybridmobile which zipped down the lane with the windows rolled down enjoying the fine weather.

Pooches, my trace was jam packed with humans who were moved to head outdoors and enjoy the warm weather.  A parking space was not to be found at my overlook and I glared at the humans as we circled the parking area.  The Hybridmobile seemed to know what to do and headed further north, bypassing some of our regularly excursion parks (also filled with humans and a few pooches) until it arrived in my pine grove where there was only one visitor.

Starlight and I hopped out and immediately headed to the shoreline and began our sniffing marathon.  The earlier clouds had mostly cleared and a fine time was had by all.  Despite the warm weather, there was quite a cool breeze blowing off of the cold was of my Rez and my manservant plopped down in the grass behind a shrub which blocked most of the breeze.

It was hard to leave my pine grove as we all were enjoying basking in the SUNSHINE but my manservant finally insisted because the boeuf loaf was due to finish cooking soon.  We headed back to the Hybridmobile to return for our feast.

I hope you had a good weekend, pooches.  Laissez les Bons Temps Rouler!!!


Starlight, it certainly is a fine day for sniffing!
Starlight, it certainly is a fine day for sniffing!
I'll bet there is a big 'gator out there!
I’ll bet there is a big ‘gator out there!
Sunshine patrols the water's edge.
Sunshine patrols the water’s edge.
Starlight, there are more scents at my pine grove park than ever before.
Starlight, there are more scents at my pine grove park than ever before.
We having one last sniffing exercise before returning to our den.
We have one last sniffing exercise before returning to our den to dine on boeuf loaf.


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2 Responses to Rare Sunday excursion

  1. What a lucky day. It is still cold and slushy where I am. I’m hoping for a Sunday excursion too! But I might have to wait for spring. 😦

    • Hi Sassy. So sorry you’re still stuck in cold and slush. Our preview of spring was wonderful but I know that it will be short lived and we’ll be back to the same old cold and dreary in a couple of days. Nevertheless, living “down south” does give us a few benefits! We’re expecting leaf buds on the maples any day now. The daffodils are about to bloom and give us hope that spring is just around the corner.

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