Chair-bound excursion!

Hey pooches, Sunshine here!  I’m sorry for the absence of my blog all of last week.  I won’t go into detail any more than just saying the reason for the absence involved my manservant, an armload of firewood, a lawnmower, a concrete floor, a visit to my manservant’s vet, x-rays, a lot of ice packs, and the constant caregiver mode that was required of Starlight and me!  When my manservant told us this morning his vet had said the recovery time was going to be six to eight weeks, we threw our paws in the air and resigned our caregiver duties on the spot, telling him that one week was all we could take and that he was on his own from now on!

On a more pleasant note, pooches, last evening’s thunder and heavy rain left us with a boggy backyard and freezing temperatures today.  I sent my manservant off with a long list of errands to complete this morning, giving Starlight and me plenty of time to undertake morning naps.  It was near lunchtime when he returned.  The Hybridmobile was unloaded and various supplies acquired while performing the errands were brought into the den.  Lunch had been procured as well: a steaming bowl of chili!

Because the temperature continued to be miserably cold outside at excursion time, we unanimously decided to limit our excursion picnic and stroll to our favorite chair in front of the fireplace!  We ate with gusto and, when finished, grabbed a blanket, a book, and plan to remain in said chair for the afternoon.

Pooches, perhaps one day this week our regular excursions will resume.


P.S.  How ’bout that Puppy Bowl yesterday!  What a fine game!

I wonder if we'll ever go on an excursion again?
I wonder if we’ll ever go on an excursion again?





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2 Responses to Chair-bound excursion!

  1. 6 to 8 weeks?!?!?! Oh my word! I would resign too! Remember when I had to take care of my mom when she had a cold? That was the longest week of my life. I would’ve died if she said it was going to be 6 to 8 weeks. Wishing your manservant a speedy recovery and wishing you and Starlight sanity ❤

  2. PuppyBowl was so much fun!

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