Where is the sun?

Pooches, pooches, pooches.  Cabin fever has hit hard at our den!  Yesterday my manservant was out of the den before sunrise saying that he had a full schedule for the day with one obligation after another and there would be no excursion.  No matter, pooches, there would have been no excursion anyway as we were socked in with a cold drizzle for most of the day before turning into heavy rains overnight.

This morning bode no better for the excursion outlook for today.  Continued drizzle and bone chilling temperatures were the outlook for the day.  My manservant headed to the gym for his walk/run activity before returning to the den.  A trip to the no-so-nearby village was made in mid-morning by my manservant before he headed to his late morning yoga classes.  Hearty chicken tortilla soup was heated for lunch which we ate in my dining room.  We would have eaten it with gusto but Starlight and I are so bored we didn’t have the energy.

As we did this morning, Starlight and I will probably spend the afternoon sitting around and looking at each other between naps.  Cabin fever is no fun.

If anyone has seen the sun please tell it that it needs to make an appearance around these parts!


Ho hum.  It is another dreary day for our pack.
Ho hum. It is another dreary day for our pack.
Can you please make it spring?
Can you please make it spring?


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2 Responses to Where is the sun?

  1. Carol says:

    You both look so miserable! Hope the sun comes out soon.

  2. Callie says:

    Tomorrow tomorrow its only a day away! We are missing the sun in ne fl too! They call it a duvet day bol☀🐾

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