From frosty to spring-like: a double excursion!

Pooches, what a day!  We awoke to a frigid morning yet again.  Our land was white with frost and the trees were coated with frozen fog.  My manservant braved the cold and completed an abbreviated walk/run at his walk/run park.  When he returned he suggested an early morning excursion.  Starlight and I were agreeable but the Hybridmobile was not, saying it had heard there were patches of black ice on the lanes in our village.   My manservant agreed and said we could depart as soon as the temperature rose above freezing.  A short time later he reported that the temperature had risen and we all piled in the Hybridmobile.  Pooches, the Hybridmobile was not to be fooled!  It immediately checked its on-board thermometer which showed a temperature of -2ºC.  The Hybridmobile was not amused with my manservant.  I gave him a look of disapproval at his attempted ploy to mislead the Hybridmobile and we all paraded back in our den indignantly.

At mid-morning, I checked the temperature and told the Hybridmobile it was well above freezing.  We all hopped in the carriage for an early excursion to my overlook.  Because my manservant looked appropriately ashamed by his earlier attempt to mislead the Hybridmobile,  we all decided to have a forgive and forget attitude.  Then, with much mirth and merriment, the Hybridmobile glided toward my overlook, making exaggerated wide swerves in the opposing lane anytime we approached a wet spot!

Pooches, the SUNSHINE was back for the first time in many days and my overlook was in fine form.  Starlight and I had quite the time prowling the area and we left no spot unsniffed.  We did avoid the areas with trees because the hoarfrost was melting off the trees creating quite a cold shower under them.  When we returned to our den, my manservant headed for his yoga classes and Starlight and I headed for our morning naps, unaware of the lunch surprise that awaited us.

When the Hybridmobile pulled up to our den to deliver my manservant after his yoga classes, my nose picked up a scent that made our mouths water.  Pooches, my manservant had stopped by my Mardi Gras restaurant and obtained a plate of thinfish!!  Woo hoo!  He said the foul weather of late had made us get a late start on our Mardi Gras celebration and today would be the day we started!

Our pack paraded outside to the picnic bench and proceeded to munch heartily on thinfish, hushpuppies, and fries (we let my manservant have the coleslaw to himself).  It was quite a treat and I am pleased to report that our Mardi Gras is officially underway!

See you tomorrow on Silent Saturday, pooches.


This frost is cold on my paws!

This frost is cold on my paws!

Wait ducks!  Don't scurry away!

Wait ducks! Don’t scurry away!

Starlight, feeling frisky, decide to sneak up on Sunshine.

Starlight, feeling frisky, decides to sneak up on Sunshine.

Oh my!  A section of my overlook is sliding into my Rez.

Oh my! A section of my overlook is sliding into my Rez.

It is SO good to have SUNSHINE again!

It is SO good to have SUNSHINE again!


WOO HOO!!  A 'thinfish' plate is a fine way to start our Mardi Gras celebration.

WOO HOO!! A ‘thinfish’ plate is a fine way to start our Mardi Gras celebration.


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