On the fifth day of Christmas my manservant gave to me A RETURN TO NORMALCY!!

Pooches, the mirth and merriment of Christmas continues at our den for another week.  Fred and Buttons returned to Elvistown yesterday and Starlight and I decided today would be a day of rest after ten days of energy-expending frivolity!  My manservant delighted us  this morning with the announcement that our pack would return to our normal schedule today!  Woo hoo!

Because of the chilly mist falling outside, my manservant headed to the gym for his exercise activity.  Pooches, after alighting on the treadmill like a determined hamster and completing his walk/run, he headed across the gym and perched on a stationary velocipede for his cycling exercise.  When he returned to our den his legs looked a wee bit wobbly but he declared that it felt good to get back in our routine.  Then, surprising us pooches, he proclaimed that he was headed to yoga class.  Starlight and I slept.

Much to his dismay, when he arrived at yoga class he found that they had been cancelled for the holidays and wouldn’t resume for two weeks!  Chagrined, he departed for a bit of errand running, one of which included stopping at the organic deli for today’s lunch.

Starlight and I greeted him upon his return attempting to see what our excursion lunch would be today.  He said that we would be dining at home because of the continued chilly mist.  Lunch was withdrawn from the take away bag and Starlight recoiled in disgust.  Pooches, my manservant had selected a varied fare including Aloo Matar, roasted cauliflower curry, and balsamic tofu with roasted peppers!  I immediately headed to the pooch pantry for our trusty duck strips!

By the time we decided to head out for our excursion the mist was falling harder.  My manservant decided to head to the safety of the asphalt walk/run trail to keep our paws dry (as if Starlight and I planned to stay on the asphalt!) and the Hybridmobile glided quietly down the lane.  Our excursion didn’t involve much sniffing because the torrential rain of Silent Saturday night had washed most smells away and they were hard to find.  Nevertheless, Starlight and I had a grand time romping about the park and not staying on the asphalt!

Happy fifth day of Christmas, pooches!


It is certainly a wet and chilly day at my manservant's walk/run park.
It is certainly a wet and chilly day at my manservant’s walk/run park.
Sunshine, let's get on the edge of the creek.
Sunshine, come on down to the edge of the creek.
I'll be glad when my manservant loses interest in his drone mimicking behavior.
I’ll be glad when my manservant loses interest in his drone mimicking behavior.
Starlight, come back.  I'm not ready to leave yet.
Starlight, come back. I’m not ready to leave yet.
Let's go see if they want to get up a game of futbol.
Let’s go see if they want to get up a game of futbol.


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