On the second day of Christmas…

Hey there, pooches!  Merry Christmas again!  What a time we have had in our pack since yesterday’s post.  Fred’s and Button’s parents flew in yesterday from H-Town for our Christmas celebration.  When Fred heard their plane had landed he immediately went to the back door and patiently awaited their arrival.

Pooches, we were so excited when they arrived.  Besides being glad to see them, that meant we could finally get to our stockings and see what kind of loot we had received overnight.  We must have been good pooches because all four-legged creatures had quite a haul!  Sad to say, some of the two-legged among us didn’t do so well.

We had quite the Christmas celebration yesterday and it continued (on the second day of Christmas) today.  The kitchen way a busy place during the morning and the smells coming from it were so tempting.  My favorite Christmas present was presented to me when the BUMPKINMOBILE (here for the holiday) invited me on a trip through our village. Woo hoo!!  It was a bittersweet time, pooches, but greatly appreciated.

Finally we had everything in place on the table and the Christmas feast began. No need to tell you, pooches, we chowed down!

It is now a lazy evening in our den as we sit in front of a fire, watching a little futbol, and burping as needed.

Merry Christmas again…from our pack to yours!


Fred is waiting patiently for her Momma and Daddy to get home from the airport.
Fred is waiting patiently for his Momma and Daddy to get here from the airport.
"Back in the Bumpkinmobile again..."
“Back in the Bumpkinmobile again…”
I guess we'll watch you open a present until we get our next one.  Woo hoo!
I guess we’ll watch you open a present until we get our next one. Woo hoo!
Our pre-Christmas picnic pose.
Our pre-Christmas picnic pose.


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