Pooches, we had no excursion yesterday because my manservant spent the entire day conducting missions of mercy.  Fred, Buttons, Starlight and I had high hopes for today but it was not to be!

After a brief walk/run this morning, my manservant returned to our den and said he had to journey to his not-so-nearby village and then head into the city.  Just before he walked out the door a HUGE clap of thunder shook us all.  Knowing how he has a phobia about lightning, I immediately sprang to his side to soothe his nerves.  I also insisted that I accompany him on his missions of mercy to keep him company.  That’s me.

Starlight and I hopped in the Hybridmobile and off it went gliding down my Trace.  Pooches, the rain was heavy and lightning flashes lit up the fog.  It was dreadful weather.  The Hybridmobile splashed determinedly and within a couple of hours the missions were completed and we returned to our den.  Pausing only to load the Hybridmobile with bags and boxes, my manservant said he would be gone for another couple of hours while he conducted another mission of mercy in an even more distant village.  As happened this morning, just as he was headed for the door another large clap of thunder vibrated our den.  In no time I was by my manservant’s side to provide a calming effect.  I headed for the Hybridmobile to provide soothing company during his mission.  Starlight chose to remain at the den and play with Fred and Buttons.

We’re finally finished with two days of busyness and are collapsed on the Davenport listening to yet more heavy rain and thunder.  Perhaps tomorrow, pooches!


Fiddlesticks!  It's still raining.
Fiddlesticks! It’s still raining.
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