Finally Friday!

Pooches, big news from our den!  Starlight and I are going on a ROAD TRIP!!  Woo hoo!  My womanservant is taking us in the Hybridmobile II to Elvistown for the weekend to visit Fred and Buttons while my manservant attends to his academic responsibilities!

Although Starlight and I have been busy packing this morning for our road trip, we were not too busy to get in an excursion before we leave.  When my manservant returned this morning from his walk/run he said it sprinkled on him a wee little bit during his exercise activity but it was now beginning to rain harder.  I immediately ran to check the weather radar and, much to my relief, saw that it was not going to last long.  My manservant said he had much remaining to do preparing for his work this weekend and disappeared into our library.  At mid-morning he emerged and said he was ready for a break.

We all hopped in the Hybridmobile and buckled up.  My manservant suggested to the Hybridmobile that we go to my log cabin park.  The Hybridmobile faithfully glided down the lane and out onto the carriageway.  In no time we were gallivanting about the park, inspecting the log cabin, and sniffing all of the various smells.  Soon we meandered over to the multi-use trail and had a brisk walk before my manservant said it was time to return to our den so he could finish his work preparations before he had to leave for his academic responsibilities.  Starlight and I were anxious to return as well because it will be soon time for our road trip!

See you on Silent Sunday when we return from Elvistown, pooches!!


You can always count on good smells from the animals that come out of the woods at night at this split rail fence.
I wish this was our front yard.
Sunshine, let’s go see if anyone is at home.
Someone needs to rake my log cabin park!
Uh oh! Some wee pup lost a sippy cup.
Sunshine, let’s go back to the den and make sure we have everything packed.









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