Errand-filled excursion.

Happy Monday, pooches!  Starlight and I were especially looking forward to our excursion today.  Yesterday was a rain-out and brought another cold front.  This morning was chilly and my manservant dressed inappropriately for his walk/run and abandoned his walk/run after a short time.

Upon his return to the den he announced he had two missions of mercy to run in both a not-so-nearby village and in the concrete jungle.  He predicted that he probably wouldn’t be back until late morning.  Knowing that he had an early afternoon lecture to attend, I confronted him about the status of our excursion.  Pooches, Starlight and I received good news!  He said he was in a ‘cocooning’ state of mind today and was going to play hooky from his lecture and spend the after with us pooches after our excursion.

As excursion time arrived and he had returned from his missions, we agreed to have our excursion picnic on our picnic bench in the back yard before heading out to destinations unknown.  Sausage and bacon and waffles (whole wheat, of course) with maple syrup were soon plated and we all tromped out to the picnic bench where a tasty meal was had by all.

The Hybridmobile was boarded after lunch and off we went on an assortment of excursioning and errand-running.  First it was the spirits store for a resupply of Pinot and then to the roadside produce stand for turnip greens and rutabaga.  As we were departing the produce stand I spotted a grove of trees in fine red dress and instructed the Hybridmobile to take us there.  Pooches, we had quite a time running to and fro smelling all of the smells under the trees.  We all agreed that it did not suit our needs as a customary excursion area and Starlight and I left it unclaimed.

From there we stopped by the market for pantry needs and then, because it was such a pretty day, the Hybridmobile ferried us to my overlook.  We bounded across my overlook and enjoyed the sunny blue skies.  My manservant finally said it was time to return to the den so he could cocoon.  Starlight and I regretted that we had to leave but agreed that our back yard was going to get much visiting time from us this afternoon.


One wouldn't think that you raked our yard three days ago!

One wouldn’t think that you raked our yard three days ago!

Why is it that food tastes better when you eat outside?

Why is it that food always tastes better when you eat it outside?

Inspecting our new park for smells.

Inspecting this unfamiliar destination for smells.

It is good to survey one's empire from time to time.

My good ol’ overlook never disappoints.

Why do we have to go?  Why don't we just stay here the rest of the day?

Why do we have to go? Why don’t we just stay here the rest of the day?




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