Pooches, the story continues this week:  COLD!  The bone chilling temperatures modified this weekend and we endured an all day cold rain yesterday.  Then late in the day another blast of polar air moved into the poochhood for the next several days.

There has been a brutal wind blowing all day and my manservant headed to the gym for his inside walk/run early this morning.  His return to the den found him in the kitchen preparing a hot bowl of vegetable/boeuf soup for breakfast.  Starlight and I were the beneficiaries of generous bites of boeuf and we were sufficiently comforted by the hot soup on such a cold morning.  After tending to his housekeeping chores, my manservant suggested that we make an early visit my Saturday park for a short excursion before he had to journey to his alma mater for a lecture on Chaucer.  Starlight started to object because of the cold temperature outside but I quickly reminded her that the Pooch Code of Ethics prohibits ever turning down an excursion opportunity!

We hopped in the surprised Hybridmobile which shivered across my spillway to my Saturday park.  Pooches, the SUNSHINE was abundant but the strong wind coming across my Rez had the wind chill well below 0ºC.  My manservant grunted as he excited the Hybridmobile and was tossed to a fro by the gale.  His assistance was needed to hold the door open for us to hop out of the Hybridmobile as the wind tried to keep it closed.  I told Starlight to keep moving and not stop because we might freeze if we stayed still.

The waves were crashing onshore and we had to keep a safe distance from the shoreline.  Our excursion outlasted last week’s frigid excursion that lasted less than 9 minutes.  Today’s excursion was a lengthy 9 minutes and 45 seconds.  Finally, we could stand the miserable cold no more and headed to the warmth of the Hybridmobile.  Pooches, a dark carriage that has been sitting in the sun feels absolutely wonderful on a such a cold and windy day.

Upon our return to our den my manservant prepared chicken pot pie for our lunch, declaring that we needed to eat hearty to survive this arctic weather.

Sounds good to me, pooches.




Starlight, you're going to get splashed if you get too close.

Starlight, you’re going to get splashed if you get too close.

I wonder if I could get on the pier without getting splashed?

I wonder if I could get on the pier without getting wet?

Someone lost a ball.

Aww, someone lost a ball.

Starlight. it is time to fine shelter in the Hybridmobile!

Starlight. it is time to find shelter in the Hybridmobile!

It was foolish to go on an excursion today.  I'll never thaw out!

It was foolish to go on an excursion today. I’ll never thaw out!

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