Poochsicles are us!

Eight minutes and thirty-four seconds!  Pooches, that is how long our excursion stroll lasted today.

The weather continues to be brutal.  Unlike the past two days there is plenty of SUNSHINE today but it is deceptive because it doesn’t help to warm a pooch up.  The north wind cuts like a knife through anyone venturing outside.  We all assumed this morning that, given the frozen banana trees in our back yard, an excursion was out of the question.  It was late morning when my manservant suggested that we try a short excursion.  Starlight and I were leery but, with our confidence buoyed by our winter coats, we agreed to give an excursion the ol’ college try.

The Hybridmobile kept us warm as it puttered to my overlook.  Pooches, my overlook was a thing of beauty in the bright SUNSHINE and deep blue skies with remnants of colorful leaves scattered through the trees.  It was perfect until we hopped out of the Hybridmobile and were greeted by the tortuous north wind.  After a few grunts, groans, and second thoughts, we bravely made our way down to the shoreline.  We posed for a panorama of my Rez and, upon completion of said panorama, immediately decided we had had enough of the cold and scurried back to the warmth and safety of the Hybridmobile.

Our plans are to spend our afternoon in front of the fire napping.  Pooches, it may be that we nap for a week because the weather prognosticators are not forecasting any improvement in the weather!

See you tomorrow (from inside) on Silent Saturday!


Sunshine, my jacket is keeping me warm.

Sunshine, my jacket isn’t keeping me warm.

A panorama of my overlook in all of its grandeur!

A panorama of my overlook in all of its grandeur!

A panorama of my Rez.

A panorama of the overlook portion of my Rez.

I'm freezing Starlight!  Let's scurry back to the Hybridmobile.

I’m freezing Starlight! Let’s scurry back to the Hybridmobile.



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