Hunkered down.

Pooches, we awoke this morning to more cold, clouds, and biting wind!  My manservant stepped outside only briefly to retrieve firewood.  We gathered on the Davenport and reviewed our plans for the day.  My manservant said he was canceling his walk/run because of the weather and an early morning lecture he had planned to attend was a victim of the weather as well.

After a fire was built we returned to the Davenport where we have been for most of the day reading and napping.  We had a brunch of leftover mash.  At excursion time, we all loaded in the Hybridmobile which shivered down the dual carriageway to our favorite fish monger.  Red snapper filets were obtained and after a stop at the market we have fresh Brussels sprout on the stalk.  It is going to be a fine feast tonight!  When we reached our den we all quickly ran inside and added wood to the fire.  Meanwhile, chicken wings are currently broiling in the oven for a late lunch.   We will be enjoying sitting fireside for the rest of the afternoon.

Pooches, I thought I made it perfectly clear last winter to the polar vortex that it was NOT welcome to return!


I'm afraid it is going to be a long winter.

I’m afraid it is going to be a long winter.


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