Fireside Friday.

It was a cold morning, pooches, and my manservant suggested that it would be a good day to eschew a walk/run and our regular excursion.  Instead, he suggested that we build a fire in the fireplace and spend the day tending the fire and cocooning.  Starlight and I thought about it and agreed.  It sounded like a good plan.

That is what we did until sometime after the fourth trip outside to retrieve more firewood.  My manservant came back inside and announced that it was just too pretty outside not to go on an excursion.  Starlight and I cheered and we headed out to the Hybridmobile.

After a stop for another steaming bowl of chili, the Hybridmobile headed to my Saturday park.  The chili was perfect for the chilly picnic.  After it was enjoyed we had a dandy stroll along the shoreline.  It wasn’t long before we were yearning to be sitting in front of a warm fire again and hurried to the Hybridmobile for the return to our den.

See you tomorrow on Silent Saturday!



It was such a pretty day we couldn't resist an excursion.

It was such a pretty day we couldn’t resist an excursion.

I wonder if I could swim across?

I’ll bet I could swim across!

Starlight never stops...

Starlight never stops…

...except to smell.

…except to sniff!

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