New excursion park!

Pooches, once again my manservant failed to go for his early morning walk/run.   When I chastised him for his lack of exercise he said he was he was exercising his mind instead and headed off to his alma mater for a lecture on medieval Africa.

It was quite a long lecture and his return was delayed by his stopping at the natural foods store.  In addition to acquiring spaghetti squash for this evening’s dinner, he perused the deli’s food bar and procured a large serving of grilled asparagus, squash, onions and peppers for our lunch.  As soon as he returned, we withdrew filet of boeuf from the icebox and carried our meals to the Hybridmobile.  The Hybridmobile limped down the carriageway complaining of lingering soreness of the boot after yesterday’s mishap.  We all consoled the Hybridmobile and assured it that the soreness would soon go away.

Heading north on my Trace we passed by many of our usual excursion spots.  Finally, my manservant suggested to the Hybridmobile that we go “off road”.  The Hybridmobile bravely left the lane, bounced down an embankment and pulled into the forest.  Pooches, I immediately knew that this was a previously unvisited area and let Starlight know that I was claiming it in my name.

We disembarked and headed into the woods.  After a short walk a nice shady spot was selected for our picnic on the bank of my Rez.  We dove into our lunches promptly following our customary pre-lunch photograph.  My manservant offered us some of his grilled vegetables but Starlight and I were preoccupied with devouring the fillet of boeuf.

As usual, following lunch, a stroll was undertaken and we marveled at the hectares of swamp grass growing in the large inlet where we had established our picnic camp.  Starlight tried and tried to spot an alligator but to no avail.  We finally decided that we had thoroughly inspected my new park and it was off to our den for afternoon naps.  I’m sure another excursion in the near future will be to my new park.

Don’t forget to vote today, pooches!


Starlight licks her lips during the pre-lunch photo.

Starlight licks her lips thinking about the filet of boeuf during the pre-lunch photo.

"I claim my new park in the name of Sunshine!"

“I claim my new park in the name of Sunshine!”

"Are any of you 'gators out there?"

“Are any of you ‘gators out there?”

We'll have to come to my new park frequently.

We’ll have to come to my new park frequently.

Have you voted yet, pooches?

Have you voted yet, pooches?


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