Wandering excursion.

Pooches, our excursion today was a wee bit of a wandering one.  After completing his walk/run under an eclipsed moon, my manservant returned to our den saying that he wanted to go somewhere different from our usual excursions.  The remainder of the morning was marked with the first raking of leaves of the season.  I reminded my manservant about last year and how he would put off raking until there were so many leaves that the job became unmanageable.  He shrugged and headed into the front yard to begin the four month long task.

It was rather early when it was decided to embark on our adventure.  Pooches, we wandered up my Trace past the overlook, to my park below the overlook, to my indian mound, to my pine grove, and beyond (we hadn’t even disembarked from the Hybridmobile at this point).  It seems my manservant just couldn’t find the spot he wanted.

Frustrated, the Hybridmobile took over and reversed directions to travel south.  It wasn’t long before we spied my once-visited double park and let out a cheer.  The Hybridmobile glided gently down the embankment and pulled in the shade of an oak tree.  Starlight and I bounded out onto the ground and quickly began sniffing.  Pooches, there were so many scents that our noses are a bit sore this afternoon from the overuse.

It wasn’t long before my manservant said we needed to leave in order to have a bit of lunch before he headed to another lecture at his alma mater.  When we arrived at our den, spaghetti was withdrawn from the icebox and heated.  Yum, pooches, yum!


Starlight, we don't come here very often so we have lots of sniffing to do.

Starlight, we don’t come here very often so we have lots of sniffing to do.

Look, Sunshine, there's a little beach down there!

Look, Sunshine, there’s a little beach down there!

Starlight's lost in thought at my Rez.

Starlight is daydreaming at my Rez.

Just one more sniff before we have to leave.

Just one more sniff before we have to leave.




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