Uneventfull early excursion.

Happy Wednesday, pooches!   We had another crisp fall morning and my manservant made the most of it by going on a vigorous walk/run at his walk/run park.  Starlight and I were still a bit sleepy due to our lack of naps yesterday and we chose to sleep in.

After my manservant returned from his walk/run and was in the middle of breakfast preparation, he announced that he was attending a lecture at his alma mater this afternoon and that would necessitate an early excursion.  Starlight and I were caught by surprise and voiced concern that we hadn’t planned our menu or our destination.  He said not to worry because there would be no menu and we would let the Hybridmobile choose the destination.  Starlight said we might starve without a meal but my manservant dismissed the idea.

It wasn’t long after breakfast was consumed that we found ourselves in the Hybridmobile and determinedly traveling north on my Trace.  After some time, the Hybridmobile pulled off of the roadway and glided to a stop under a pair of large pine trees.  My pine grove!  Starlight and I bounded out of the backseat and began eagerly sniffing the numerous scents that are always there.  Some kindly gentlefolk had just mown the grass along my Trace and the scent of freshly mown grass blended in with the smell of raccoons, opossums, rabbits, deer, fox, snakes, and fish!  What a cornucopia of scents!

After much sniffing and strolling we returned to our den.  My manservant has departed for his “lecture” and Starlight and I are planning to catch up on shuteye this afternoon.


Somebody has been fishing at my pine grove.

Somebody has been fishing at my pine grove.

Sunshine, somebody's been fishing here too!

Sunshine, somebody’s been fishing here too!

I'm going down here so I can see the water.

I’m going down this way so I can see the water.

I'll bet the Hybridmobile is enjoying the breeze in the shade.

I’ll bet the Hybridmobile is enjoying the breeze in the shade.

Starlight, come back!  You're supposed to be posing.

Starlight, come back! We’re supposed to be posing for my manservant

Goodbye pine grove.  We'll come again soon.

Goodbye pine grove. We’ll come again soon.



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