Picture perfect excursion!

Woo hoo, pooches!!  We went to bed last night at the tail end of summer and we awoke this morning to fall, with chilly, if not cold temperatures and a bright blue sky!  My manservant scurried out before sunrise to enjoy the crisp weather at his walk/run park and returned after an hour saying that not only was the weather perfect but that he had completed his exercises in the top 1% all his recorded times.  Starlight and I cheered and gave him high fives before he headed outside for a morning of gardening duties.

It wasn’t long before my manservant came inside and roused us from our morning naps (we had just started them, pooches) and urged us to come outside and enjoy the fall weather while he performed his duties.  Starlight and I groggily obliged him and followed him outside.   Pooches, he was busily gathering sticks and limbs from the woodpile and in no time had a roaring fire going in our fire-pot.  He proceeded over the course of the morning to burn all of the limbs that had fallen since last winter and been stacked in a corner of his woodland flowerbed.  Starlight and I found it hard to nap outside with all of his activity but we decided the weather was too perfect to retreat to our den.  We had a grand time planning today’s excursion.

It was just before excursion time that his allotted duties were completed and we headed inside to prepare for our excursion.  Starlight and I shared our excursion plans with him.  We presented a menu from my Mardi Gras restaurant and suggested we first head to the restaurant for seafood gumbo and crab claws (with a Barq’s to wash it down) and then go to my Saturday park to enjoy our picnic and play by the waterline.  He was in full agreement with our plans.  Woo hoo!

Just then the telephone rang.  It was my womanservant reminding my manservant that leftover ratatouille from last night’s meal was in the icebox and available for today’s lunch.  Starlight and I held our breath.  My manservant looked in the icebox at the ratatouille.  He then looked at my Mardi Gras restaurant’s menu.  He looked back at the icebox.  Again, he looked at the menu.  Icebox.  Menu.  Icebox.  Common sense or gluttony?

He then rang the restaurant!!  Woo hoo!!  Starlight and I cheered.

The Hybridmobile merrily drove us to said restaurant and then headed across my spillway as light hearted banter filled the backseat.  In no time we were dining hungrily in my Saturday park in grand style with tablecloth, china brought from home (slightly embarrassed that the plate and bowl were not of a matching pattern), and enjoying a fine meal of fine seafood.

With full bellies, our after picnic stroll was carried out as we relished the cool wind blowing off of my Rez and the crisp temperature of the day.  Having missed our morning naps, Starlight and I soon grew sleepy and my manservant had to rouse us from our slumber when we arrived at our den.

What a day, pooches!  We’re now headed for much-needed naps but you can be assured that we will enjoy a bit more of the out-of-doors before the afternoon is over.


Let's toast some marshmallows!

Let’s toast some marshmallows!

Just say the word and we'll begin.

Just say the word and we’ll begin.

In a foolish decision, Starlight make a lunge for the crab claws and is stopped by my manservant in a move faster than lightning before she can get one!

In a foolish decision, Starlight make a lunge for the crab claws and is stopped by my manservant in a move faster than lightning before she can get one!

Sunshine, do you want to race?

Sunshine, do you want to race?

It is the perfect day at my Rez!

It is the perfect day at my Rez!




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