Pooches, it is finally decision day in my homeland!  What will the outcome be?

004nothanks (2)

Because Starlight and I would be cancelling out each other’s votes (she’s a “no” and I’m a “yes”), we have decided to stay home from the polls!

My manservant headed out early this morning to take the Hybridmobile to the Hybridmobile vet to have her new front paw attached.  Before returning to our den my manservant stopped by his walk/run park and then proceeded to that no-so-nearby village that he frequents for a mission of mercy.  It was almost excursion time by the time he returned.

At his suggestion we dined at our den and enjoy chicken burritos.  Woo hoo!  It was quite tasty and Starlight and I commented that we should have it more often.  After washing and drying the dishes we all loaded up in the Hybridmobile (who was quite proud of the new front paw), pausing only to “ooh” and “ah” at the said paw.  They Hybridmobile proudly rolled down the lane and headed for my sunken trace park.  It is so good to get see all of my frequented parks again after our long absence.  The smells were quite dandy, the temperature was not too hot, and we had a grand time prowling about the area.

We’re getting ready for afternoon naps before we spend the evening glued to our shortwave radio to hear the results in my homeland!  I’m sure it is going to be a long night.  Woo hoo!


Starlight, I'm glad to see my sunken trace again.

Starlight, I’m glad to see my sunken trace again.

There's a good scent over here, Starlight.

There’s a good scent over here, Starlight.

What do you mean "cockleburs?"

What do you mean “cockleburs?”

Sunshine, I'm not ready to go.

Sunshine, I’m not ready to go.






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