Hot, hot, hot revisited.

Pooches, you must be getting tired of hearing about how hot it is but, well, it’s still hot!  My manservant, tired of the heat as well, threw caution to the wind this morning and headed out to his walk/run park to resume his walk/run activity.  He said he was no longer going to cower to the whims of the weather.  We he returned to our den an hour later he was scant more than a pool of sweat.  I directed him to the shower.

By the time his yoga class rolled around he said he was refreshed an headed for his battle with stretching “thing that weren’t meant to stretch that way” (his words).  Before heading back to our den, he stopped at the market to acquire lunch for today.  Pooches, lunch turned out to be blueberry yogurt and baked potato salad!  Starlight turned up her nose at the offer.  I scurried to the pantry and withdrew duck strips for Starlight and me.  Because of the heat we agreed to dine in the cool of our den.

Lunch was finally completed and we all agreed to at least try a short excursion.  The Hybridmobile balked at first but finally agreed to take us to my overlook but was not going to stop if there wasn’t a parking space in the shade.  We were quite jovial as the Hybridmobile panted down the lane.  Luck was with us, pooches, as a nice parking space in the shade of an oak tree was available.  It had an added bonus of a large pool of water from last night’s rains that the Hybridmobile could keep it paws cool.

It was a hot stroll around my overlook and we strode about under the pine trees.  An unfortunate decision by my manservant resulted in us finding ourselves in the middle of a large treeless field in the bright SUNSHINE.  Fortunately, we all made it back to the Hybridmobile before bursting into flames.

See you tomorrow on Silent Saturday, pooches!


We're back at my overlook!

We’re back at my overlook!

Starlight, we'd better stick to the shady areas.

Sunshine, we’d better stick to the shady areas.

Are these totem poles?

Are these totem poles?

Starlight, let's get out of here before we burst into flames.

Starlight, let’s get out of here before we burst into flames.





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