Excursionless Tuesday

Pooches, it has been a busy day around our den but all the busyness has been with things other than excursions!  My manservant headed to a nearby village early this morning for yet another a meeting at the time he would normally head out for his walk/run park.

After the meeting, he headed back south and went into the “concrete jungle” to our den’s south and dutifully carried out his academic responsibilities for the resumption of his academic obligations.  After fighting with the photocopy machine for a period of time (it seems it didn’t understand the meaning collate) , he finally returned to our den at excursion time.

Pooches, an excursion was not to be realized today!  A call instructed him to pick up Starlight, who had travelled to her groomer today for a new furdo, and by the time they reached our den my manservant said it was far too hot for an excursion.  The good news for the day was that he returned with chicken wings and we all enjoyed munching them until they were gone.  He then disappeared into our library for continued work on his academic responsibilities.

Tomorrow, pooches, I promise tomorrow, we will seek out an excursion once again!


"Sigh, there's no escaping the paparazzi."

“Sigh, there’s no escaping the paparazzi.”



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