Shady excursion.

Hi there, pooches!  I’m sorry I missed yesterday’s post but we have had thunderstorms for the past three days that put all thought of an excursion to rest!

My manservant headed out for his walk/run this morning at his very foggy walk/run park and upon his return announced that it was rather nice to have a walk/run in the fog because it wasn’t as hot as it has been.

It was off to the not-so-nearby village in mid-morning by my manservant for a meeting.  Before he left I inquired about the status of an excursion today and was promised at least a short one if “it wasn’t too hot.”  Starlight and I waited patiently for his return which occurred exactly at excursion time.  He said for lunch he was going to have mashed potatoes and gravy with frozen custard for dessert.  Given the rather odd menu for lunch and the fact that frozen custard would likely melt in the hot weather, it was decided to dine at our den.  While Starlight and I find mashed potatoes and gravy quite tasty, we decided to withdraw our fillet of boeuf from the icebox and enjoy it as well.

When our lunch was completed we boarded the Hybridmobile and had quite a spirited conversation as we were shuttled to my overlook.  As we emerged from the Hybridmobile we realized it was much hotter than we thought and immediately sought out the shade of pine trees from the remainder of our stroll.


I'm glad it isn't raining again today.

I’m glad it isn’t raining again today.

Shade is our friend.

Starlight, shade is our friend!

The Hybridmobile likes to park in the shade and keep its feet in a cool puddle of water.

On hot days the Hybridmobile likes to park in the shade and keep its feet in a cool puddle of water.




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