Excursion abandoned for a mission of mercy.

Pooches, it has not been a routine day around our den.  My manservant departed once again to a not-so-nearby village for a sunrise visit to his teeth vet.  He said he was then going to remain in the village for a mission of mercy (little did we know at the time that our excursion would turn out that way).

His return to our den was a bit earlier than planned and my manservant announced that, since he had missed his walk run for the past two days, despite the increasing heat so late in the morning he was headed to his walk/run park for a walk/run.

Pooches, when he returned he looked like a wet noodle!  He crawled into the bathtub and Starlight stared at him in amazement.  “Why would anyone get into a bathtub voluntarily?” she asked.  She shrugged her shoulders and headed back to bed to finish her morning nap.

As soon as the bath duties were completed, my manservant said we needed to undertake our excursion promptly as the heat was going to be severe once again today.  Lunch was prepared and packed, we hopped in the Hybridmobile, and as we departed down the lane a lively and good-natured banter was exchanged.  Then it happened, pooches!  My manservant spotted  a confused looking Westie pup headed in the wrong lane toward the Hybridmobile!  The Hybridmobile immediately ground to a halt and my manservant hopped out to capture the little pup.  Starlight and I rushed out as well to prevent any oncoming traffic from trying to pass.  As we held up our paws stopping the oncoming traffic, my manservant coaxed the little pup into his arms and we all hopped into the Hybridmobile and headed back to our den.

It took some investigation to determine the proper home of the pup.  It seems his tags were worn almost beyond legibility but, after ringing several different numbers, success was achieved!  My manservant carried the little pup to the Hybridmobile (his arms in shreds because the pup had claws like a cat) and returned it to its human.

By the time he returned to our den, the temperature had risen to non-excursion levels and we agreed, relieved that a crisis had been averted, to eat our excursion lunch in our backyard and enjoyed grilled shrimp and pineapple on our picnic bench.

What a day, pooches!


Starlight, you've got to be gentle with the little pup.  He's scared.

Starlight, you’ve got to be gentle with the little pup. He’s scared.

You can eat the pineapple and we'll eat the shrimp.

You can eat the pineapple and we’ll eat the shrimp.

Are we ever going to eat?

Are we ever going to eat?

No, Starlight, it's a garden hose.

No, Starlight, it’s a garden hose.

I believe it is past time to cut my grass.

I believe it is past time to cut my grass.


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One Response to Excursion abandoned for a mission of mercy.

  1. scifihammy says:

    What a heart-warming story. Glad it had a happy ending. 🙂

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