Thursday Fryday.

Pooches, lots to tell today but I’ll make it short.  For the fourth day this week it has been out of the ordinary!

First of all, my manservant left at sunrise this morning for a not-so-nearby-village because he had an early morning appointment with his teeth vet.  Apparently it was a successful visit because he was quite chipper when he returned to our den. He promptly donned his walk/run clothes and headed to his walk/run park.  He returned in due time and immediately donned his gardening costume and headed outside, saying he would be there all morning.  Pooches, he was still there in early afternoon (well after excursion time) and, after finally coming inside and showering, said he was headed to his fishmonger.  Starlight and I headed for the Hybridmobile but he forbade it, saying that it was too hot outside and he might have a long wait in line at the fishmonger.  Starlight and I grumbled, looked at the clock and shook our heads.

When he returned with redfish in hand, he also brought catfish and snow crab which he obtained at the market.  It seems that, after a week with only soup or soup-like meals, my manservant was going to try solids today.  Starlight and I watched as he transformed the catfish into “thinfish” and brought out skillet and cooking oil (gasp!).  After all food preparation was completed, we trotted out to our picnic bench and began a fine meal.  The thinfish was as crispy as potato chips and the crab claws were delightful (if properly dipped in melted butter).  Soon, the houseflies came to join the party and caused us to retreat inside to our dining room to finish the meal.

We were pleasantly full when my manservant said we had to destroy the evidence of fried food.  You see, pooches, “fried” is something our pack frowns upon, thus, the necessity of hiding the used oil in an empty milk carton and placing it in the bottom of the refuse pail, opening the windows, and turning on the vent to bring fresh air inside and transfer the fried air outside.

As we completed our cover-up, I had a stroke of genius.  I shared my plan with my manservant and Starlight.  My manservant said he thought it would work.  You see, pooches, there was one piece of thinfish leftover from lunch that had not been claimed.  Starlight, my manservant, and I gathered around it and looked straight at it.  We frowned mightily!

After the deed was done we all felt relieved, knowing that we could honestly say we had steamed crab claws for lunch and thought about fried catfish, and we had frowned upon it!


Let the feast begin!!

Let the feast begin!!

Thinfish here we come.

Thinfish here we come.




Don't let that thing pinch me!

Don’t let that thing pinch me!

Don't forget about us down here in the dark.

Don’t forget about us down here in the dark.



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