Anything BUT normal Monday.

Pooches, we have had an out of the ordinary weekend and an even more out of the ordinary Monday.  I’m not particularly happy about it!

It seems my manservant was a bit “under the weather” after a minor dental procedure last Friday afternoon.  Pooches, you would have thought the world was coming to an end:  great gnashing of teeth (well, maybe not that), groaning, and demands for sympathy were our themes of our weekend that we had to endure.  I told Starlight to be patient with my manservant and things would get better tomorrow.  Well, tomorrow turned into the next day and then the next day.

Trying to achieve a return to normalcy, this morning I forced my manservant on an early morning walk/run through the poochhood.  He had some difficulty in keeping pace with me (more so than usual), but I managed to get him upright and in forward motion for the duration of the walk/run.  Upon our return to the den, my manservant had the audacity to say that the walk/run had been the excursion for the day!  It was his intention to spend the day in the kitchen cooking!  I chortled and pointed out the he couldn’t eat much anything.  He responded, “No, but I CAN cook!”

Pooches, cooking is what we did.  All day.  First it was breakfast which consisted of a type of pork the CDC won’t let me mention (but if you’re trying for a gold medal in blood pressure, it is your best bet).  The unmentionable pork was accompanied with a nearly raw egg.  Yuck.

Upon the completion and consumption of breakfast, it was on to lunch.  Our trip to the market had revealed 92% lean organic Angus on sale for a ridiculously low price and my manservant snatched it up and put it in our jitney.  After some consultation, we decided Black Angus spaghetti would be a nice excursion lunch one day later in the week (when you-know-who can eat again).  Additional supplies were acquired for our future lunch, in addition to foodstuffs for our planned evening meal:  chicken and sausage gumbo!  Woo hoo!

Thus, pooches, our return from the market yielded an entire afternoon of activity in the kitchen.  Onions, chicken, peppers, garlic, sausages, boeuf, celery, tomatoes and so on, fulfilled their destiny and met their demise on a bevy of cutting boards under the blur of precision knives wielded by my manservant.  It was an impressive sight!  Smells of Italy and Cajun country wafted through our den throughout the afternoon and had us pooches drooling!

Starlight and I finally begged for dinner and were treated to an after dinner stroll as a way to repay us for our patience in having to put up with culinary day!


Pausing on the second lap around my pond to let my manservant catch his breath.

Pausing on the second lap around my pond to let my manservant catch his breath during our early morning walk/run.

On our after supper stroll.  Pooches, aren't shadows funny things?

He we are on our after supper stroll. Pooches, aren’t shadows funny things?




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