Muggy, muggy, muggy.

Gadzooks, pooches!  Another thunderstorm arrived this morning just as we arose.  It was not a good way to start out the day because the thunder and lightning was frequent.  I was quite busy trying to calm our pack.  My manservant must have been the most nervous.  At one point he was wiping my fur with dryer sheets!  He said he had read that doing that can help bring calm during thunder so I let him do it.  I don’t believe it worked, pooches, because when he finished he didn’t appear any calmer!

The storms were over by mid-morning, but not before dumping almost 5 centimeters of rain on our poochhood.  Starlight and I finally managed to get out in our backyard and we had to avoid all of the puddles of water to keep from messing up our fur.  My manservant finally came out with us and beckoned us to the Hybridmobile for errand running and an excursion.

Our first stop was at the market for supplies and our excursion lunch.  With all the required items acquired, it was on to the fish monger for tonight’s meal (red snapper!).  My manservant asked him to pack the fillets in ice because we were all going to go on an excursion.  The amiable fish monger agreed and the Hybridmobile was soon headed to our excursion destination:  my school park.

Pooches, we wasted no time in unloading from the Hybridmobile and selecting the first picnic table we came upon.  The sushi was nicely chilled (thanks to Starlight who had the forethought to place the sushi in the bag of ice with the red snapper) and we made quick work of it!

Our customary after lunch stroll ensued and we immediately knew that it was going to be short-lived.  Pooches, after all the rain this morning and then a couple of hours of hot SUNSHINE, the outdoors felt like a sauna:  muggy, muggy, muggy!  We made the best of the stroll until we unanimously voted to abandon it and hurry quickly back to our cool den where we will keep an eye out for the next round of thunderstorms.


Finding a bit of outside time after this morning's thunderstorms.

Finding a bit of outside time after this morning’s thunderstorms.

I think this grass is wet!

I think this grass is wet!

Yay!  Sushi!!

Yay! Sushi!!

Sunshine, I don't like this tall, wet grass.

Sunshine, I don’t like this tall, wet grass.  It is too hot to be out here anyway.

I would never tell the Hybridmobile this, but sometimes I miss the good ol' Bumpkinmobile on our excursions.

I would never tell the Hybridmobile this, but sometimes I miss the good ol’ Bumpkinmobile on our excursions.


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