Westie Rescue excursion!

Pooches, from all appearances this morning, it seemed today was going to be a mirror image of yesterday.  There were rain showers scattered about.  My manservant said that there would be no excursion today because of both the poor weather and the reading demands of his academic responsibilities.  When my manservant asked me to accompany him on his walk/run through the poochhood, I obediently joined him.  Just like yesterday, as we walked down the driveway sprinkles of rain could be felt.  I looked at my manservant and merely sighed.  We continued walking down the lane and the ‘sprinkles’ seemed to be morphing to a steady rain.  Again, I sighed.

There, pooches, is where the similarity ended.  A motorcar soon pulled alongside us, stopped, and a window was lowered.  “It this your Westie?” we heard asked.  Pooches, inside the motorcar was collarless Westie that the amiable couple had found wondering the streets!

Of course, I leapt into action.  Barking orders to the couple to follow me, I ran quickly back to our den with my manservant and their motorcar trying to keep pace with me.  My manservant grabbed the lost pooch and brought him inside.  Starlight, Fred, and Buttons were quite confused by the appearance of an unknown Westie. Telling them there was no time to explain, I quickly shouted orders to them and in a short amount of time “found pooch” flyers were being printed.  Fred agreed to cover the telephone in case calls started coming in to Crisis Headquarters (formerly our den).  Before heading out with Starlight and Buttons to post the ‘found pooch’ flyers throughout the village, I instructed the amiable couple to take the little pup to the vet down the lane to see if, by chance, it had a chip implanted.

With Fred covering the telephone and the couple and little pup on their way to the vet, ‘found pooch’ flyers soon blanketed the village.

We returned from our flyer distribution duty and anxiously awaited the first telephone call.  Instead, we heard a knock at the door.  It was the woman of the amiable couple returning from the vet to joyfully report that, indeed, a chip had been implanted and the little pup would soon be reunited with his pack.

Pooches, a story with a good ending beats an excursion any day!


Admiring the white crepe myrtle as we begin another walk in a passing drizzle.

Admiring the white crepe myrtle as we begin another walk in a passing drizzle.


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