Cancelled excursion.

Pooches, darn it all!  My manservant announced this morning that there was to be no walk/run this morning because he had much to do in our library for his academic responsibilities this weekend.  Starlight and I held out hope that he might need a break and work in a short excursion.  That hope was abandoned in late morning when he said he had yet another appointment with his dentist.  Knowing that would reduce his academic preparation time by at least two hours, Starlight and I gave in to the reality of no excursion today.

On a bright note, however, leftover vegetables were pulled from the icebox near lunchtime and reheated.  The fare was carried outside and we enjoyed a short, local picnic, where the opportunity for photographs was seized.

We’ll see what happens tomorrow, pooches.



Your Coneflowers are blooming rather nicely.

Purple hull peas, snap beans, sliced tomatoes, Vidalia onions, radishes, green tomato pickle, and cornbread:  m’m m’m, good!


Your Coneflowers are blooming nicely.

Your Coneflowers are blooming nicely.



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