Excursionless Tuesday.

Pooches, our pack was tired today.  After the busy weekend in the Big Easy we were pooped!  When we awoke this morning, my manservant said “no” to his walk/run.  Starlight said “no” to her squirrel chasing duties.  I said “no” to my contemplation obligations in the back yard.  Instead, we chose to sleep in.

After a morning of laziness, at excursion time my manservant headed to the kitchen and heated the remaining red beans and rice (with sausage).   We enjoyed a lazy meal in the kitchen and, when said meal was completed, returned to our lazy state of just doing nothing.

Finally, this evening, my womanservant headed out with Starlight to her obedience classes (pooches, I don’t know how many of these classes she has to go to before my womanservant gets it right).  Thinking that I should do something productive today, I called upon my manservant (who, BTW, would NEVER learn anything in obedience classes) to accompany me in the back yard for a photo session for my blog.  He grumbled but retrieved the camera and followed me to my chosen photo location.

The photo was taken, it is now posted, and I’m off to bed to recover from the weekend in the Big Easy.



Enjoying the smells from the Gardenia and the Lilies.  Westies love white flowers.

I’m enjoying the smells from the Gardenia and the Lilies. Westies love white flowers.



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One Response to Excursionless Tuesday.

  1. Dexter Davis says:

    It’s hibernating season here in Oz! Enjoy it while you can!

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