Finally. An excursion (such as it was).

Pooches, what a week it has been.  The day after we thought building an ark might be a wise move, the weather turned miserably cold again with fierce north winds and cold temperatures.  Excursion scratched.

Yesterday was devoted to my manservant’s academic pursuits.  It lasted most of the day.   Excursion scratched.

Today, after my manservant’s trip to the gym for his walk/run and velocipede ride, he returned to our den and said he was devoting the day to “fun” reading.  I gave him a cold look and tapped my paw on the floor.  He got the message.  At excursion time he assembled a salmon-cucumber salad sandwich (on rye, pooches) and said our excursion was going to be in our back yard.  Ho hum.

Starlight and I did have a good time with the extra playtime (since we didn’t have to spend part of our excursion riding in the Hybridmobile) and enjoyed romping about  in the not-nearly-as-muddy-as-it-has-been backyard.   We eventually chomped down on our tasty sandwich and topped it off with a dessert of duck strips!

Pooches, my manservant has work duties tonight.  He let us know that with the solemnity of tomorrow and Saturday a post would probably not be forthcoming until Sunday.  So I guess I’ll see you on not-so-silent Sunday!


When are we going to dive into that salmon-cucumber salad sandwich?

When are we going to dive into that salmon-cucumber salad sandwich?

What my manservant won't do for a picture!

What my manservant won’t do for a picture!

We're posing with the Brussels sprouts plants.

We’re posing with the brussels sprouts plants.




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