April Fool shenanigans

Pooches, due to my manservant’s academic pursuits tomorrow and his academic responsibilities this coming weekend, there was no walk/run nor velocipede ride this morning.  Instead, out came the books and Starlight and I figured our daily excursion was probably endangered as well.

Starlight and I entertained ourselves by playing April Fool jokes on each other for quite a while.  That only goes so far, pooches, before the jokes becomes irksome.  When we both grew tired of them we spent the remainder of our morning napping.

In the late morning, while taking a break from reading, my manservant turned on the telly and watched a bit of a cooking show.  It seems the host of the show was cooking oyster stew.  That was all we needed, pooches!  My manservant scooped up Starlight and me, tossed us in the Hybridmobile, and we headed to the market.  A short time later my manservant emerged not only with oysters for lunch, but chicken wings for Starlight and me!  Woo hoo!  The Hybridmobile puttered cheerfully to my school park and, not wasting time selecting a picnic table, we plopped down on the ground under the nearest tree.  My manservant abstained from eating, knowing that he was going to have an oyster stew feast when was returned to our den.

Finishing the wings in record time, Starlight and I enjoyed a bit of a stroll before my manservant herded us back to the Hybridmobile in an effort to get back to our den and cook his oyster stew!


Hurry up with the 'alright' command!

Hurry up with the ‘alright’ command!

Starlight stares down a bite of chicken wing.

Starlight stares down a bite of chicken wing.

It is a pretty day at my school park.

It is a pretty day at my school park.

Let's  go.  I'm ready for my afternoon nap.

We just got here.  Why do we have to leave so soon?




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