The pollen: IT’S BACK!

Pooches, we awakened this morning to what appeared to be yellow fog outside!!  A quick check outdoors revealed clouds of yellow pollen billowing out of the pine trees each time the breeze stirred the branches.  Yuck!  Starlight and I made quick work of business outside before scurrying back inside to avoid having our fur turn yellow.

My manservant headed to his gym at an early hour for his walk/run and velocipede activities.  Upon his return he said that while he had much reading to do today, he was going to work in our yard until his yoga classes in late morning.  Pooches, Starlight and I glanced out the window from time to time and could locate my manservant easily by spotting the location of a yellow cloud of pollen!  By the time he came inside to change into his yoga clothes he was tinged quite a nice shade of yellow.

As soon as yoga ended my manservant picked Starlight and I up in the Hybridmobile (which has that same yellow tint) and we purred down the lane in a yellow cloud as we journeyed to the market for lunch.  My manservant said he was forced to eat rather unhealthily this weekend and it was going to a healthy lunch today.  He returned to the Hybridmobile with a dozen vegetable sushi in hand!

My Hybridmobile took us to my boundary park on my Trace where a picnic table was selected, tablecloth brought out and placed in the appropriate position, and a fine sushi meal was had by all!  As usual, a stroll ensued and we had a fine time frolicking through the wildflower patches.

On our return to our den we spotted a redbud tree at my overlook with what looked like a patch of snow underneath.  My manservant’s curiosity got the better of him and we pulled over and hiked to the curious site.  Pooches, it was feathers!  I do believe someone had a pillow fight.


We're impatiently awaiting the feast to begin.

We’re patiently waiting for the feast to begin.

I love sushi!!

I love sushi!!

Incoming sushi, Starlight!

Incoming sushi, Starlight!

Hiking through the pine grove to check out an interesting spot we spied from the roadway.

Hiking through the pine grove to check out an interesting spot we spied from the roadway.

My word!  These are feathers under this redbud!!

My word! These are feathers under this redbud!!


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