Pooches, this weather is getting on my nerves!  We awoke this morning to freezing temperatures and gusty winds.  Because of the frigid weather, I was surprised when my manservant donned his walk/run clothes.  He told us that he was not going to his walk/run park but to his new gym.  Starlight and I crawled back under the covers and awaited his return.

It was over two hours later that my manservant staggered back to our den.  He reported that he had taken a long walk/run on a treadmill (he must have some hamster blood in his line), then mounted a stationary velocipede for a long velocipede ride, and finished with  a bit of time in the sauna.  Starlight and I congratulated him on his workout.  I asked if it had warmed up outside yet and he said “no” and snow flurries had started while he was at the gym and had dusted the Hybridmobile white.   Looking out of the window we saw white rooftops around the poochhood.  Knowing that an excursion was unlikely today, Starlight and I returned to our morning naps.

My manservant went to his two yoga classes later in the morning and when he returned at our normal excursion time we looked at our thermometer and it was still -4ºC!  A fire was built in the fireplace, books were gathered from the library and stacked by my manservant’s reading chair, and it looks like that will be how we spend the afternoon.  While my manservant reads, Starlight and I will be making plans for our Mardi Gras celebration tomorrow.

Laissez les Bons Temps Rouler!!!


When is winter going away?

When is winter going away?

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