Heading into spring!

Pooches, we’re finally getting some decent weather around these parts.  The temperature is supposed to be ABOVE average for the next few days.  Woo hoo!

My manservant was like a wee human in a candy store this morning when he donned a pair of shorts and headed out for his early morning walk/run.  He returned with a high energy smoothie in his hand and said he was going to bring the velocipede out of winter hibernation and take it for a long ride on my Trace.  Pooches, he cleaned it, filled up the tires with fresh air, and tried and tried and tried to stuff it in the Hybridmobile.  It was to no avail.  It wouldn’t fit.  He finally gave up and decided to take it on a short ride around our poochhood.

When he returned he said the velocipede was so out of shape after being in storage for the past three months that soon after he started riding it he got leg cramps!  Poor velocipede.  My manservant promised to procure a velocipede carrier and take it easy on the velocipede for the first few rides.

After the velocipede ride my manservant headed outdoors to tackle the leaves that he said had been hanging over his head for two months.  I pointed out that they had hung over his head this past summer when they were on the trees but now that were on the ground and not hanging over anyone’s head.  I don’t think he appreciated my humour.

It was soon time for his two yoga classes and, after donning his yoga shorts, he departed only to return in a few minutes.  It seems the holiday had cancelled his yoga classes and he dejectedly sat on the bench outside while he slurped his smoothie.  A change back to leaf-raking clothes followed and he busied himself in that activity until excursion time.

Pooches, a pork and brie sandwich (on an onion roll!) with apples and mango chutney procured from the market deli was our selected lunch of the day.  The Hybridmobile purred to my overlook and we enjoyed a bumkinstyle lunch.   Starlight and I found the pork loin from said sandwich to be quite tasty.  A stroll around my overlook followed.  Pooches, it was cloudy but so warm that Starlight and I found it hard to leave when my manservant said it was time to go back raking.

We’re back at our den now and my manservant is bagging mounds of leaves.  Starlight and I are ready for our afternoon naps before we go outside and play in the piles of leaves when my manservant goes in search of his bike rack.

Pooches, it is only 15 days to Fat Tuesday!   Laissez les Bons Temps Rouler!!!


I can't wait to dig in!!

I can’t wait to dig in!!

Chowing down on our first bite of pork loin!

Chowing down on our first bite of pork loin!

Are you sure we ate all of the pork and brie sandwich?

Are you sure we ate all of the pork and brie sandwich?

It is so nice to be back at my overlook.

It is so nice to be back at my overlook.

You still have a lot of leaves to rake and bag!

You still have a lot of leaves to rake and bag!



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