The light at the end of the tunnel.

Pooches, there was excitement in the air this morning in our pack when we awoke.  A look outside revealed abundant SUNSHINE and the weather forecast was for warmer temperatures through the weekend.  I believe our frightful spell of frigid and icy weather is drawing to a conclusion after two months!  It was still below freezing this morning when my manservant went on his walk/run and he reported that there was plenty of ice on the trail and the footbridges were completely iced over from the freezing fog overnight.

Knowing that the weather was warming up put Starlight and me in a frisky mood.  In mid-morning, while my manservant worked academic responsibilities for this weekend, Starlight and I headed outside to catch up on our squirrel chasing responsibilities which have been neglected of late.  Pooches, we couldn’t stay long because the sun was causing the ice in the trees to melt rapidly and we quickly became soaked.

At excursion time, my manservant said he had several errands to run and we might as well tend to them on our way to our designated excursion park.  Starlight and I enjoyed looking out the Hybridmobile’s windows from the back seat and marveling at all of the SUNSHINE!  Several  stops were made and the last two were to procure our fare for our lunch:  SUSHI (brown rice, of course) with brambleberry tea and my whole pooch food store to stock up on our food and a bag of duck strips.  Hooray!

My school park had been selected as our destination and, because it had been so long since we had a decent excursion, we excitedly talked in the Hybridmobile about which table we would choose for our lunch and where we would stroll.  In fact, because Mardi Gras is looming, we decided to celebrate the return of closer to average weather by officially kicking off our Mardi Gras countdown today!  We arrived, placed our sushi (and brambleberry tea) on the bench, and dug in.  Pooches, sushi is good!

Following our lunch we strolled along the water.  Starlight made the unfortunate mistake of lunging toward a gaggle of geese quite far away.  In doing so, she pulled the leash from my manservant’s grip and kept going as fast as her four little legs could carry her.  My manservant’s face turned quite red during this episode.  He finally retrieved her after stepping in several pools of water and soaking his walk/run shoes.  That ended our excursion.  Starlight was carried unceremoniously back to the Hybridmobile and is now spending some time in her crate to think about the error of her ways (and to dry out).

Because my manservant is going out-of-town tomorrow for a weekend of his academic responsibilities, it might be Monday before you hear from me again.  Pooches, it is supposed to be near 21ºC on Monday.  Starlight and I are going to plan on a lollapalooza of an excursion on that day!!


I'm not sure I'm going to like sushi.  I've not eaten it before.

I’m not sure I’m going to like sushi. I’ve not eaten it before.

We're ready for another piece.

We’re ready for another piece.

It is so good to be back at my Rez!

It is so good to be back at my Rez and not shivering.

Starlight to see if this is Juan's gaggle.

Starlight enquires about Juan and his gaggle. 

Uh oh.  Starlight returns to face the music for pulling her leash out of my manservant's hand.

Uh oh. Starlight returns to face the music for pulling her leash out of my manservant’s hand.

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One Response to The light at the end of the tunnel.

  1. love the photos and captions — especially the one with one sushi piece in front of each pup 🙂

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