Icy day.

Pooches, it should come as no surprise to you that when we awoke this morning our world was covered with a thin sheet of ice. My manservant told us that the temperature had dropped to freezing just after midnight and the freezing rain continued through the night. Starlight and I hastily visited our back yard and then retreated inside to crawl back under the covers.

My manservant, declaring that his cabin fever was getting the best of him, decided to go to his walk/run park for a modified walk/run. Upon his return he told us that all of the trees were covered with ice, as well as the footbridge over my creek. Books were brought to his favorite reading chair and Starlight and I hopped beside him where we spent the remainder of the morning snoozing as he read.

After an errand was run in “the city” in late morning, my manservant suggested that we all hop in the Hybridmobile and give an excursion a try, despite the still freezing temperature and the icy outdoors. Starlight and I didn’t hesitate and were quickly loading into the Hybridmobile.

Pooches, our excursion consisted of remaining in the Hybridmobile where we had a tour of all our favorite excursion spots. It wasn’t very exciting but at least it got us out of our den.

The weather forecast continues to be dire, pooches. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.


You call going to top of the Hybridmobile with petrol an excursion?

You call going to top off the Hybridmobile with petrol an excursion?


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