Den excursion.

Pooches, pooches, pooches!  When is the weather going to change?  For week after week after week in these parts we have been subject to miserable cold, wet, icy weather.  Excursions are getting to be as rare as a hen’s tooth!

After being cabin-bound in our den the last four days of last week, we were treated to a nice spring-like day yesterday, only to wake up this morning to cold, overcast weather with a threat of ice/sleet/misery tonight and tomorrow.  My manservant declined to attempt his walk/run this morning because of his pressing academic duties.  He did, however, after spending the morning in our library working, attend his yoga class in order to get back in his yoga routine.

Starlight and I were unsure of the status of an excursion today.  The uncertainty was resolved when, as my manservant returned from yoga class, a steady, cold rain began to fall.  Knowing that Starlight and I were bitterly disappointed, my manservant tried to warm our spirits by announcing that we would be dining on Rumpledethumps for lunch!!  Woo hoo!!  It seems that my manservant had obtained a fine looking specimen of kale from the market this morning and, in no time, potatoes and kale and cheese were flying about the kitchen being whipped into a sumptuous dish!

Giddy with excitement as we gathered for lunch, a rousing chorus of “Death to the Red Hag” was no doubt heard throughout the land as a cheered and dove into our Rumpledethumps.  After dining, Starlight and I announced our spirits had indeed been lifted and we would try to persevere until Ol’ Pooch  Winter decided to leave us alone.

Pooches, it is cold and dreary outside.  Starlight is gazing out of the window dreaming of spring.  My manservant is buried in books in our library.  For me, I’m headed to my closet for an afternoon of snoozing.

Wherefore art thou, spring?


"Death to the Red Hag!"

“Death to the Red Hag!”


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