On again, off again, on again excursion.

Pooches, we awoke this morning to another overcast, chilly and foggy day.  My manservant said he thought he was fit enough to resume his morning walk/run regimen.   As he departed, Starlight and I began our morning nap.  When my manservant returned from walk/run, he reminded us that he had yet another lunch meeting to attend and inquired whether we wanted to undertake our excursion before or after said meeting.  I quickly brought up the weather radar on my tablet and concluded that we’d better go now because it looked likely that it would be all rain by afternoon.

My manservant whipped up some sausage with peppers and onions for our brunch and we excitedly hopped into the Hybridmobile.  Before we had backed up to depart, the rain began to fall.  We disappointedly disembarked and returned to our den.  My manservant tried to cheer us up by telling us that we could try again in the afternoon if a break in the rain occurred.  Starlight and I resumed our nap.

The lunch meeting in a not-so-nearby village was shorter than my manservant anticipated and when he returned he announced that, although foggy, there was a temporary break in the rain and we could give an excursion a try.  My old school park was our destination choice and the Hybridmobile was reloaded with a hint of deva vu in the air.

Pooches, we had my old school park pretty much to ourselves and enjoyed a walk in the piney woods portion of park close to the Hybridmobile in case a rapid retreat from the rain was necessary.  The smells in the grass and pine straw were unusually strong, Sunshine and I thought.  The only real excitement came when a goose crossed our path and Starlight bounded about trying to catch it.  The mist that was with us the entire time finally turned to a drizzle and we made a hasty escape to the Hybridmobile.

It is going to be a lazy remainder of the afternoon, pooches.


We certainly had a good choice of parking places!

Starlight, we certainly had an unlimited choice of parking places!

it's starting to drizzle again.

Uh oh, it’s starting to drizzle again.

Starlight bounding after a goose.

Starlight bounding after a goose.

Sunshine, let's go ask them if we can swim in their pool.

Sunshine, let’s go ask them if we can swim in their pool.




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