The Second Coming of the polar vortex.

Pooches, yesterday’s promise of a cold front to make the spring like conditions of yesterday only a memory was fulfilled in the wee hours of this morning.  Knowing that it would get colder and windier as the day went on, my manservant headed for an early morning walk/run.  When he returned he said that if we were going on an excursion today it would have to be soon.

After preparing a hearty breakfast of porridge and raspberry jam on toast (whole wheat, of course) we gathered around the dining table and had a lively discussion about at what point in time cold fronts became polar vortexes.  No conclusion was reached except that it didn’t matter, as they both were cold.  We could hear the winds increasing in velocity outside as we dined.  As soon as we concluded breakfast we put on our jackets and loaded into a very surprised Hybridmobile.  We charted my Saturday park as our destination and there was much singing and good-natured banter in the Hybridmobile as we purred along.

Pooches, the weather at my Saturday park was unbearable.  While the temperature was a fairly pleasant 7ºC, the winds were powerful and angry.  Our stroll had to be conducted a bit further away from the shoreline as waves would occasionally splash over the riprap and spray well into our usual strolling area.

My manservant’s fingers soon became numb and after a crashing wave landed nearby and sprayed us all, we hastily retreated to the safety and comfort of the Hybridmobile and headed back to our den for a day of reading and napping.

It is only going to get nastier for the remainder of the week, pooches.  Keep warm.


Sunshine, incoming wave!

Sunshine, incoming wave!

Starlight!  Face the camera.

Starlight! Face the camera.

Whoa!  Let's get out of here, Sunshine.

Whoa! Let’s get out of here, Sunshine.

I'm ready to nap inside the rest of the day.

I’m ready to nap inside for the remainder of the day!



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3 Responses to The Second Coming of the polar vortex.

  1. PigLove says:

    stay warm my little friends. XOXO – Bacon

    • And you as well, our little piggy. Hotlanta is pretty much Coldlanta tonight!

      • PigLove says: I’m focusing on sand, sun and palm trees today. It was only 16 degrees when daddy cranked Albert for mommy this morning – bbrrr squeal. I couldn’t wait to get snuggled back into bed after my breakfast. Wake me when it’s spring! XOXO – Bacon

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