Why can’t it stay like this excursion.

Pooches, what a fine day for an excursion!!  The sky is blue, there is a gentle breeze, and the temperature is perfect!!  I guess Ol’ Pooch Winter is giving us a taste of heaven before throwing the next several rounds of cold fronts during the remainder of the week.

My manservant resumed his morning walk/runs this morning and reported that he actually sweated for the first time in several months!  He returned home and was torn between reading his several reading assignments and raking leaves in the back yard.  Raking won out until his frustration grew with the morning wind which was a bit gusty.  He decided reading would be the better choice but as he sat down to read by the library door he could see the beautiful weather outside and would head back out for a bit more raking.  By excursion time he reported that he had not been very successful at either endeavor and decided it was time for lunch and an excursion.

Leftover bean soup was reheated.  Starlight and I declined to join in, saying we would wait for our usual Monday fare of leftover filet of boeuf from Saturday evening’s meal.  The Hybridmobile was soon boarded and we headed to our destination.  My manservant said that the bean soup didn’t stick to his ribs (just an expression, pooches) and he pulled up to an establishment that provided him with a chili-cheese dog (with extra onions)!

Pooches, with today being a holiday and with the weather just perfect for outside activities, my Trace was packed with excursioners.  After seeing picnic table after picnic table occupied, we headed to my overlook.  Pooches, I don’t mind sharing my properties with others but when it starts interfering with MY excursions something has to change!  My overlook didn’t have an empty parking place!!  I was ready to hop out and chase everyone off my property but my manservant suggested that, in keeping with the spirit of the holiday, we allow everyone to enjoy the nice weather and we could head to my Indian mound park and perch on the stump we occasionally use for dining.  I gave in and the Hybridmobile took us to said spot.

We were soon enjoying the fine weather as we munched on boeuf and the chili-cheese dog.  I don’t know why they call it a “dog” because my manservant says that it is actually ground up mysterious things from who knows what kind of animal.  Whatever, it is quite tasty!

Lunch ended and a romp around my mound ensued.  We’re back at the den where my manservant is either a) going to rake leaves, or b) going to read.  Starlight and I are going to take a nap.


Starlight and I would like a wee bit of your chili dog when we're finished with our boeuf.

Starlight and I would like a wee bit of your chili dog when we’re finished with our boeuf.

It is certainly a fine spring like day!

It is certainly a fine spring like day!

Sitting under my bodark tree.

Sitting under my bodark tree.




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