Popsicle Pooches!!

Pooches, wonders never cease!  When we awoke this morning, a quick check of the thermometer revealed a temperature of -11ºC.  Starlight and I crawled further under the blankets on the bed and resigned ourselves to another ‘inside’ day.  While we snoozed, my manservant was busy in the kitchen thawing a frozen water line.  It wasn’t long before he met with success and looked quite pleased with himself.

My manservant said he desperately needed a walk/run and that he was going to make an attempt and headed out the back door.  Pooches, as we had guessed, it wasn’t very long before he returned.  Instead of crawling back in bed, he announced that it was excursion time!!!

Starlight shook her head and crawled further under the blankets.  I simply looked at him with a stare that conveyed “have you lost your mind?” and pulled the blankets over my head.  My manservant wouldn’t take no for an answer.  He gathered our jackets and insisted that we put them on.  Grumbling, Starlight and I donned them and headed outdoors in the bitter chill.  We were soon in the surprised Hybridmobile which turned its heater on high and shivered down the lane.

It turned out to be a progressive excursion, pooches.  The first stop was at the entrance to the poochhood next to ours where Starlight and I had to pose in front of a frozen fountain.

Our second destination was the entrance to another poochhood.  Starlight, realizing we had never had an excursion there before, quickly claimed it in the name of Starlight and it is now Starlight’s Mill Park.  I gave her congratulatory high-five and then we began posing for my manservant.  We were there for some time as there were a number of photographers there to capture the frozen mill.  When they saw Starlight and me they insisted on joining in on our photo session.  After a short time, Starlight began shivering mightily and my manservant thought it best to hop back in the Hybridmobile to warm her.

Our final stop was at my manservant’s walk/run park.  Pooches, because there was no wind and the sun was providing plenty of SUNSHINE, it was almost comfortable there.  Starlight and frolicked about the football field before heading over to my Brashear’s Creek.  Pooches, what a sight.  Geese were standing on shore looking at their water park that was frozen!  Starlight immediately ran out on the ice and began skating.  I started to join her but my manservant suggested that since, um, I was “heavier” than Starlight (it’s all muscle, pooches) and that since the ice was not that thick, it might be prudent for me to stay on shore.   I complied with his request and we enjoyed watching Starlight run to and fro about the ice until her paws were too cold to remain.

Pooches, my manservant is braving the frigid temperature to travel to the market for supplies for tonight’s meal:  turnip greens and rutabaga to accompany yesterday’s leftover Rumbledethumps.  As for Starlight and me it is back under the blankets!


If we run out of ice at our den we can get some more here.

If we run out of ice at our den we can get some more here.

Starlight claims her Mill Park in her name.

Starlight claims her Mill Park in her name.

Geese, come on out on the ice!

Geese, come on out on the ice!  The skating is great.

Sunshine, I'm freezing!

Sunshine, I’m freezing!  Let’s go back to our den.



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