A final excursion for 2013!

Pooches, Starlight and I thought our last excursion of the year was in jeopardy!  As the day dawned it was obvious that it was going to be another cold and dreary day, the same kind that has been detrimental to so many of our excursions of late.  It is no surprise that 2013 is going out the same way it came in:  cold and wet.  We were convinced our excursion was doomed when my manservant declined to go on his early morning walk/run.

In an effort to mask our disappointment, we busied ourselves with preparations for tonight’s wild party.  At mid-day my manservant placed a call to my Mardi Gras restaurant to order gumbo for tonight’s festivities.  Panic set in when he informed us that they had sold 40 gallons of gumbo this morning and none was left!

Ever the quick-thinking manservant, a call was placed to another establishment that specializes in tasty morsels from the Gulf and arrangements were made the transaction! As he headed to the Hybridmobile to pick up the gumbo, he surprised us pooches by suggesting we accompany him as we just might get in a quick excursion!  Starlight and I whooped and hollered all the way to the Hybridmobile which was soon purring merrily down the lane and in short order we were at our destination.

As my manservant emerged from that fine establishment with gumbo in hand,  our noses quickly told us he was being accompanied by not only gumbo but by red beans and rice with sausage!  Woo hoo!!  My manservant suggested that we wait to eat until our return to our den.

A stop was made for ingredients for tomorrow’s traditional New Year’s Day lunch, Hoppin’ John, and soon afterwards we were sauntering around my school park.  It was quite chilly but brisk jaunts kept us warm enough.  After a bit of play the thoughts of that sausage came to mind and we all headed to the Hybridmobile for the quick trip to our den for lunch.

Party hard tonight, pooches, but above all, be safe!

See you next year!


It really isn't too cold if you keep moving.

It really isn’t too cold if you keep moving.

Starlight, I think Juan has been here.

Starlight, I think Juan has been here.

Hey, Geese!  Come back and let's play.

Hey, Geese! Come back and let’s play.

Let's go.  I'm ready for red beans and rice...particularly the  sausage!

Let’s go. I’m ready for red beans and rice…particularly the sausage!



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