Pooches, the SUNSHINE is out in force today!  It’s a bit on the chilly side but with the all-to-rare SUNSHINE so far in 2013, the cool temperature was ignored for our excursion.

My manservant neglected to go for his walk/run this morning citing a heavy workload in our library.  He did stop that work in time to make it to his cardio/weight class.  Upon his return, he headed straight back to our library and continued paper shuffling and keyboard activity.  Starlight and I kept looking at the clock, waiting for his activity to move to the kitchen to make us some lunch for our excursion.  I finally asked him when we were going and what we were going to eat.  He looked at the clock in surprise and picked up the telly to place a call, mumbled something into the receiver, got up and retrieved Starlight from the kitchen and off we went.

It wasn’t long before Starlight and I realized we were headed to my Mardi Gras resturant!  “To go” boxes in hand, we headed to my Saturday park, a spot we have woefully neglected during this frequent inclement weather.  When we arrived at the park, Starlight and I scurried around while my manservant prepared the table.  The strong wind precluded the use of our tablecloth, so Starlight and I were limited to the bench instead of the tabletop.  When my manservant opened the boxes we saw the treasure:  GUMBO AND CRAB LEGS!  Starlight wanted to know if it was Mardi Gras again.  I quickly took her aside and sternly reminded her that it was Lent and she’d better put on a long face and not mention Mardi Gras or my manservant might change his mind and take us back home.  She spent the rest of our excursion trying to make a long face…mostly by the use of her tongue!

The meal, as the weather, was delightful (I vote for crab claws every day).  Afterwards, Starlight and I galloped about the park, barked at several suspicious geese, and generally had a good time playing with sticks and gumballs.  It was a grand time!

We’re home now and my manservant is working on a fence outside.  I think it is naptime.


Why are you stopping?  Let's finish eating!

Why are you stopping? Let’s finish eating!

I love crab claws!

I love crab claws!

We're about out of food.  I wonder what those people over there are eating?

We’re about out of food. I wonder what those people over there are eating?

Me galloping toward my manservant.

Me galloping toward my manservant.

Goodbye Saturday park.

Goodbye Saturday park.


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